Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing sits at the center of brand advocacy and brand awareness. In the past 5 years, during my work at a start-up and an 100-year-old publisher, I brought influencer marketing to the forefront of my strategies in order tell more immersive brand stories. This resulted in an increase in fan acquisition and engagement across platforms.

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Content Strategy

Social media is my expertise. However, I have been working across departments (video, edit, creative, digital, and product) to lead content strategy with a 360° approach. This has resulted in a cohesive narrative from .com to social.

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Creative Direction

It’s important to develop creative based off historical data. I use statistics and audience insights to lead creative design for social campaigns.

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Forbes Instagram

Director of Social Media: 4/2016 - Current

Followers up 72.6%

Engagement up 116.53%

(across seven platforms)

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As our audience began engaging beyond the job search [on LinkedIn], we took that opportunity to highlight our leadership and entrepreneurial content to decision-makers with a direct, visually focused approach. We saw this partnership with LinkedIn as an organic path toward amplifying Forbes content in a new, meaningful way.
— Shauna Gleason, director of social media at Forbes
You have to ask why before moving forward on the platform. Now with Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories, okay, we can have different approaches to different things, but we’re being very strategic about that.
— Shauna Gleason, director of social media at Forbes
When social was new, marketing or comms teams could easily execute it,” Gleason said. “It hasn’t been that way for years. Investing in an experienced, dedicated social team is crucial for brand awareness, growth and audience development.
— Shauna Gleason, director of social media at Forbes
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